About the Wisconsin Chiari Center

Incapacitating headaches, dizzy spells, blurred vision, vague pains, foggy thought processes and years of incorrect diagnoses.  This is the world of people with unrecognized and untreated Chiari malformation. For you, Chiari malformation is not a “rare congenital disease,” it is your life. It may not be a life-threatening disease, but it is a disease that is threatening the quality of your life.

At The Wisconsin Chiari Center, we are dedicated to helping discover the cause of your symptoms and developing a treatment plan that will improve your quality of life — all with the least possible risk to you.  We know that no two patients are the same. Led by neurosurgeon Dr. Dan Heffez, the team at The Wisconsin Chiari Center will create a treatment plan geared to your specific situation.



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