The Wisconsin Chiari Center Mission

The mission of The Wisconsin Chiari Center is to advance the diagnosis, understanding of and treatment of the Chiari 1 malformation and related disorders through the collaboration of neurologists, neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists as well as cardiologists, rheumatologists, physiatrists, gastroenterologists, electrophysiologists and urologists.

Our number one priority is the compassionate and respectful evaluation of patients who suffer from the numerous symptoms that comprise the Chiari syndrome.

We seek to identify the most likely cause or combination of causes of these symptoms in any given patient, be it the Chiari 1 malformation, cervical stenosis, syringomyelia, tethered spinal cord, POTS.

We seek to develop a treatment plan that offers the greatest benefit to the patient with least possible risk. If the patient’s quality of life has been improved we have done our job.

Our mission is also to learn from our experience so that we may contribute to the education of the medical community regarding these disorders in the hope of eliminating delay in diagnosis and treatment in the future.



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