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Heart Scan for Calcium Scoring

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We all know that eating right and exercise can help keep us healthy. But research has also shown that in many cases, leading a healthy lifestyle is no guarantee against heart disease. Heart disease is more than eating right and more than watching blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Sometimes we’re genetically prone to or have other conditions that make us more likely to develop the disease. A Heart Scan for Calcium Scoring shows what is unseen and unfelt: the presence of plaque in the coronary arteries.

At Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s, Dual Source CT technology is used to produce a Heart Scan for Calcium Scoring. The scan itself is quick, less than ten minutes. It allows physicians to clearly see early calcified plaque in the arteries. Utilized as a preventative tool, a Heart Scan for Calcium Scoring allows treatment to begin before a heart attack or heart disease symptoms even occur.

What is Your Risk?

Peace of mind about your health is invaluable, especially when you’re at risk for heart disease.

Today there is technology that can help save lives and restore peace of mind with a quick test. A noninvasive heart scan for calcium scoring is a reliable way for doctors to assess a person’s risk for heart disease by revealing hidden calcium plaque in coronary arteries.

Click here for more information on how calcium scoring saves lives by Dr. Melish Thompson, Cardiologist.

Who Should Consider a Heart Scan?

A heart scan for calcium scoring offers peace of mind to anyone concerned about heart disease. It is appropriate when no evidence of heart disease is present, yet risk factors for cardiac disease exist:

  • Those with a family history of heart disease
  • Men 45 years and older
  • Women 55 years and older
  • Those suffering with hypertension, lipid abnormalities such as high cholesterol or diabetes
  • Individuals who smoke, are overweight, or are physically inactive
Because a heart scan for calcium scoring can definitively identify the presence of calcium plaque in the arteries, it identifies the existence of heart disease as well as the risk for future heart attack. This is true even if the person doesn’t have any of the traditional risk factors or symptoms of heart disease.

A Heart Scan for Calcium Scoring is:

  • Quick – A heart scan for calcium scoring generally takes less than 10 minutes.
  • Completely Painless – Heart scans for calcium scoring are done via CT Scan and are totally non-invasive.
  • Inexpensive – It is important to check with your insurance company to determine if the scan is a covered benefit. However, the self-pay cost is only $150, a small price to pay for peace of mind regarding heart health.
  • An Excellent Diagnostic Tool – When utilized as a preventative diagnostic tool, a heart scan for calcium scoring allows treatment for heart disease to begin before a heart attack occurs, often before symptoms are even present.. 

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