The Innovative Joint Camp

Joint Camp at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s
Joint Camp is a unique program for people having knee or hip replacement surgery. The goals of the program are to reduce your pain and help you return to your normal activities. In addition to our skilled physicians, nurses, and therapists, your team includes a “coach” – a friend or a relative – to provide you with support and encouragement every step of the way.

Before Surgery
The program begins in your doctor’s office once you have made the decision to have surgery. Your doctor will address your concerns, answer questions, and give you a Joint Camp workbook. The workbook includes a wealth of information on what to expect before, during, and after surgery. Several weeks before your surgery, you and your coach will also attend a class designed to help you prepare for your hospital stay and to plan for a safe return home. Orthopaedic nurses and therapists teach the class to ensure you are fully prepared for your joint replacement procedure.

Hospital Stay
During your time in the hospital, a dedicated team of orthopaedic professionals will provide you with the care and comfort you need to regain your strength and mobility. We will encourage you to dress in comfortable clothes and attend individual therapy sessions, as well as group activities. Together, the goal is to get you, and your new joint, moving as quickly as possible. As always, your coach is encouraged to participate in your hospital rehabilitation.

Returning Home
Before discharge from the hospital, you and your coach will receive complete instructions on medications, follow-up care, and your exercise and therapy program. After you return home, we will follow-up with you to address any concerns and to ensure you are progressing toward your goals.

The first total joint replacement in the state of Wisconsin was performed at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s in 1968. We continue our strong tradition and commitment as a leader in orthopaedic and rehabilitation services.



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