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TravelWORx - Travel Medicine Services


When traveling internationally, it’s always best to consult a travel medicine professional. The Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s TravelWORx program can help with planning and preparation to ensure healthy travel to anywhere in the world. With expert care and advice, our goal is to make your travel as risk-free and as medically uneventful as possible.

TravelWORx has experience with travelers of all ages, medical conditions and itineraries. We will provide you with all the information you need as well as vaccines and prescriptions to ensure you have the safest travel possible. TravelWORx subscribes to state of the art proprietary travel information services and is here to assist you before, during and after your travel.

TravelWORx is a division of Columbia St. Mary’s CorporateWORx. CorporateWORx is an occupational health program based in the Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s healthcare system that promotes a healthy work environment and overall health for employees to prevent injuries and illness on the job, at home and around the world.



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