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Advanced Treatments and Technologies

Columbia St. Mary's uses latest technology to provide earliest possible detection of lung cancer


Columbia St. Mary's uses latest technology to provide earliest possible detection of lung cancer.
Pictured left to right: Monte Hunt, RN; Carlissa Tucker, ST; Dr. Burak Gurses; Diane Bormann, RN; Sue Nesser, RN; and Tammy Cain, ST. Missiong from photo: Danielle Lewis, ST.

Columbia St. Mary’s now offers a minimally-invasive procedure called an Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB) using a technology called the iLogic™ Inreach System. This system allows physicians to reach and diagnosis lesions deep in the lungs with minimal trauma to the patient. This procedure is becoming the new standard for the early detection of lung cancer.

Read more about how this advanced technology benefits patients.

Healthcare Question of the Month


Q: What happens now that healthcare reform has passed? What does this mean for me?

A: Now that healthcare reform has passed in Congress, we have strengthened our ability to ensure that no one is left behind with coverage for 32 million more Americans.

Read about what this reform means for you today, tomorrow and in the coming years. 


A Passion for Patient Care: the Columbia St. Mary's Ozaukee emergency department


Get To Know CSM

A Passion for Patient Care:
Sherry Garrett, director of emergency services, and the Columbia St. Mary's Ozaukee emergency department

As the director of emergency services at Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital Ozaukee, Sherry is charged with overseeing the work of 45 employees in the department.   It was her personal and professional dedication to improving both the patient and staff experience that resulted in some significant transformations in the past year to the emergency department.

With the development and implementation of a plan founded on the understanding that patients are top priority, together Sherry and the emergency room staff  are furthering the mission of Columbia St. Mary's.

Read about the results of the changes Sherry and her staff put into action. 

Countdown to the "Hospital of the Future"

The new CSM Hospital Milwaukee opens in Fall 2010

The new Columbia St. Mary's Hospital Milwaukee opens Fall 2010

Columbia St. Mary’s is building the “Hospital of the Future” on Milwaukee’s east side. In April, we continue to have major progress in drywalling, ceiling installation and completion of some patient levels. 

See the latest construction photos and read more about the new hospital. 

Healthy Living
Reduce stress during Stress Awareness Month

Brought to you by the Women's Heart Secrets Program 

Stress can have a negative impact on our emotional and physical well being. Now is the perfect time to reflect on the causes of stress and ways to reduce it. Not only does April bring new life and changes, it is Stress Awareness Month.

Read more about how to deal with stress. 

What's happening at CSM? 
There are hundreds of reasons to visit us when you are well. We've got lots of classes to keep you healthy!

Read more about upcoming classes and events offered by Columbia St. Mary’s.  

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