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Exceptional Patient Experience

Columbia St. Mary's Hospitals provide connection with nature to promote healing

The Women's Heart Secrets team.


Mending a patient's spirit through the use of nature can have a profound impact on his or her health, and families and caregivers can benefit greatly from quiet moments of reflection in a peaceful setting. 

With this in mind and help from the Columbia St. Mary’s Foundation, Columbia St. Mary’s has created several calming natural environments for its patients and their families.

Read more about Columbia St. Mary's gardens and green rooftops. 

Healthcare Question of the Month


Q: How can I protect my skin from sun damage while still enjoying the outdoors?

A: Contrary to what you may think, wrinkles and skin discolorations are not just part of the aging process. They are caused by sun exposure. With more than one million cases of skin cancer diagnosed every year, keeping your skin safe should be a top priority.

Read about how to protect your skin from the sun. 



Get To Know CSM

A Passion for Patient Care: The Women's Heart Secrets Program shares information to revolutionize how women think about their hearts and their health

The Women's Heart Secrets team.

As busy caregivers to their children, husbands, family and friends, women are not always taking care the necessary time to care for themselves.

Fortunately, Columbia St. Mary’s Women’s Heart Secrets Program aims to empower women to reach a higher level of wellness by helping them make necessary, long term changes to their lifestyle, all while preventing heart attacks, strokes and vascular disease.


Read more about the Women's Heart Secrets Program and meet the staff dedicated to improving women's health. 

Countdown to the "Hospital of the Future"

The new CSM Hospital Milwaukee opens in Fall 2010

The new Columbia St. Mary's Hospital Milwaukee opens October 2010 

Columbia St. Mary’s is building the “Hospital of the Future” on Milwaukee’s east side. In July, we will begin final cleaning of several finished levels of the hospital, wrap up work on other levels and begin final touches to landscaping. 

See the latest construction photos and read more about the new hospital. 

Healthy Living

Resist the lure of unhealthy barbecue foods
Brought to you by the Women's Heart Secrets Program


With nearly half of Americans having pre-diabetes, high cholesterol and many developing high blood pressure by middle age, navigating the foods at backyard barbecues can be quite a challenge. We can help steer you in the right direction.

Read more about healthy barbecue choices. 

What's happening at CSM? There are hundreds of reasons to visit us when you are well. We've got plenty of classes to keep you healthy!

Read more about upcoming classes and events offered by Columbia St. Mary’s. 


We've moved! 
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