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Creating a Healthy Community: 
Smart Smiles success is evident on the faces of its patients
Funded by the CSM Foundation, the school-based Smart Smiles program provides free preventative oral health care to children living in poverty.

More than half of Milwaukee children suffer from untreated tooth decay. Thanks to Smart Smiles, Columbia St. Mary's school-based oral health program, children are treated in an environment where they feel comfortable. As a result, they can better concentrate on learning and improve their overall health.

The program reaches more than 6,000 children each year, but many more are in need. You can help these children get access to the care they need.

Read more about Smart Smiles and how you can help a child in need.

Healthcare Question of the Month

 Would you recognize the signs of a heart attack?

Question: Would you recognize the signs of a heart attack?

Some heart attacks can be sudden and intense, but most start slowly with subtle symptoms and only mild discomfort or pain. Learning the warning signs of a heart attack can save a life.

Make sure you can recognize the classic warning signs of a heart attack. 

Get To Know CSM

Dr. Olson helps Healing Garden grow

 Dr. Olson, radiation oncologist and generous supporter of CSM's Healing Garden

Flowers. Fish. Waterfalls.

These are not exactly the recommendations you'd expect to hear from an oncologist.

Although Dr. Carl Olson, a Columbia St. Mary's radiation oncologist, relies on high-tech cancer treatments to treat his patients, he also believes in the healing power of nature.

This spring, he and his patients can look forward to watching the new Dr. Carl E. Olson Family Healing Garden begin to bloom. Olson believes that nature has the ability to decrease stress and help patients come to peace with where they are in their life, thereby healing the whole patient - body, mind and spirit.

Read more about Dr. Olson and his hope for the Healing Garden.

President's Updates President's Updates

Fashion Show for Breast Cancer announced 

4th Annual Bowling Bash hopes to reach $30K for Huiras Clinic

Oncologist helps grow Healing Garden

Foundation President honored with TEMPO Mentor Award

Click here for all updates. 

 Foundation Spotlight: Bowling Buddy Bash

Healthy Living

Heart scan for calcium test provides peace of mind


Quick, painless and affordable, a heart scan for calcium test is a reliable way to reveal hidden plaque in the coronary arteries even before symptoms of heart disease are present. It is often used as a screening tool to identify a patient's the potential risk of having a heart attack.

Find out if you're a good candidate for a heart scan.

What's happening at CSM?

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