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Cancer diagnosis helps patient put herself first

Cancer diagnosis helps patient put herself first. 

“You can’t help others if you don’t take care of yourself.”

After years of helping others with their medical issues, Loretta was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to learn to care for herself first and foremost.

With the guidance and treatment of Columbia St. Mary's nationally recognized Cancer Center, today Loretta is living a normal, healthy life.

Read more about Loretta's journey with our cancer team

Healthcare Question of the Month


Question: I just turned 50. Do I really need a colonoscopy?

Answer: Yes, colonoscopy screenings should begin at age 50. A colonoscopy is the best diagnostic test to detect colorectal cancer, a condition that is highly curable when caught early.

Learn more about colorectal cancer and a colonoscopy.

Get To Know CSM

Family fundraiser surpasses $30,000 for Huiras Clinic


In bowling, 300 is the ultimate goal and is achieved by only by rolling a strike every single time you’re up.

Though Tony “AJ” Czerwinski never achieved the ultimate goal, the memory of his near-perfect 298 game - and his life - lives on each year through a charity event hosted by his family.

The “Bowling Buddy Bash” commemorates Tony's birthday and gives his family an opportunity to “give back” with more than $30,000 in donations to the Huiras Clinic, which offered him respectful, compassionate care while he was uninsured.

Read more about the "Bowling Buddy Bash" 

President's Updates


Nominations are being accepted for the Doerr Tradition of Caring Award

Milwaukee Bucks partner with "A Passion for Fashion"

Foundation approves grants for Women's Hospital and Ozaukee Medical Oncology projects

23rd Annual golf invitational raises $33K for Regional Burn Center

"Bowling Buddy Bash" raises $10,298 for Huiras Clinic 

 Click here for all updates.        

 Foundation Spotlight: Join Sister Mary Elizabeth and change a life.

Healthy Living
Relax your exercise routine with yoga 


Reduce stress, maintain a healthy heart and increase strengthen and flexibility just by adding yoga to your exercise routine. Yoga can be gentle enough for those of any age or ability, but it can also be strenuous enough for even the most die-hard weightlifters.

Find out how yoga can benefit your health.

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