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Creating A Healthy Community
Columbia St. Mary’s Four-Legged Caregivers


Columbia St. Mary’s boasts a medical staff of more than 223 physicians, 1,320 nurses, 172 therapists, 102 lab technicians and 223 medical assistants. There are also three Golden Retrievers, two Standard Poodles, a Border Collie and even a Pomeranian.  

These specially trained therapy dogs are the stars of Columbia St. Mary’s Animal-Assisted Therapy Program.

Read more about how animal-assisted therapy can improve a patient’s physical and emotional well-being.

Healthcare Question of the Month    



Question: Is there a link between oral health and general well-being?

Answer: The benefits of good oral health go well beyond a bright smile and fresh breath. The health of your mouth, teeth and gums may provide helpful insight into your overall health.

Learn how practicing good oral hygiene can be an investment in your overall health.


Get To Know CSM
Giving Women Hope for More than 30 Years


Deb Theine has a calling. And thankfully for the Milwaukee community, she discovered it at an early age.

After earning her nursing degree in 1980, Deb began working at Columbia St. Mary's. In 1997, she became the hospital's first nurse navigator, providing a new model of care with the goal of eliminating barriers to timely cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and supportive care. 

“The whole idea is to work with the patient from the moment of diagnosis through treatment and into survivorship or palliative care,” Deb says.



President's Updates 


CSM Cardiologist Helps Uncover Ancient Heart Disease Breakthrough  

The 5th Annual Bowling Buddy Bash Brought in $8,546 

The Milwaukee Bucks Have Joined Columbia St. Mary’s in our Fight Against Breast Cancer

Congratulations to Cynthia Stewart, named a Black Excellence Award winner by 'The Milwaukee Times'

We’re Now Accepting Nominees for the 2013 Doerr Tradition of Caring Award

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A Passion for Fashion

Healthy Living  
CSM Teaches Children To Protect Their Noggins


With warmer temperatures just around the corner, everyone is eager to enjoy outdoor activities. But, with the fun of the great outdoors comes the danger of traumatic brain injury, especially to children. 

In response to this preventable hazard, Columbia St. Mary's Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Institute developed the Brain Injury Prevention Program, a children’s educational program focusing on information about the brain, how it functions and how to reduce the risk of sustaining a brain injury.   

Learn more about the Brain Injury Prevention Program

What's happening at CSM?

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