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Patient Stories

Burn Survivor - Cedric Jones

A picture of Cedric Jones, Columbia St. Mary's burn survivor. All Cedric remembers is seeing a funnel of fire coming towards him after an explosion ripped through his second-story apartment. The 56-year-old was rushed to Columbia St. Mary’s Emergency Department and then transferred to the Regional Burn Center, where he spent the next 60 days in a chemically induced coma. Full story

Burn Survivor - Bill Ester

An image of Bill Ester, Columbia St. Mary's burn survivor. Bill is one of the biggest advocates for the Columbia St. Mary’s Regional Burn Center and The Phoenix Society. After having spent several months in the Burn Center recovering from a tanker truck accident that left over 60 percent of his body burned, Bill has a great understanding of what burn survivors need and want. Bill was instrumental in starting the Columbia St. Mary’s Burn Survivors Support Group and is a Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery (SOAR) volunteer. He was also the local chairperson for the 2012 World Burn Congress – at which he was a keynote speaker – and was instrumental in getting the conference to Milwaukee. Full story.

Burn Survivor - Alex Travino

A picture of Alex Travino, Columbia St. Mary's burn survivor. After getting caught in an explosion at the Wisconsin Electric Power Plant on February 3, 2009, Alex was left with burns that covered 76 percent of his body. As a former Marine, Alex used his survival skills to help in his recovery. He is currently a father of two and a business owner and remains deeply involved with burn survivors as a camp counselor at the Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety Camp for Burn Injured Youth, as a Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery (SOAR) volunteer, as a member of the Burn Survivor Support Group and of The Phoenix Society. Full story.

Burn Survivor - Alaina Meier

A picture of Alaina Meier, Columbia St. Mary's burn survivor. Elaina is a high school teacher and lifeguard who suffered a scald burn from boiling water. Living with a “hidden burn,” Elaina brings a great perspective on what a burn survivor is going through when the burn is not clearly visible to others. She is very involved with the Phoenix Society, serving as a moderator for the online chat sessions and helping to plan World Burn Congress. Elaina is also a volunteer with Columbia St. Mary’s Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery (SOAR) program and the Burn Survivor Support Group. Full story.


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