Brain Injury Program

The Path to Recovery Begins with Hope

Recovering from a brain injury is often a long and challenging process. Rehabilitation focuses on regaining the functions that can be recovered and teaching individuals to do things differently when functions cannot be restored.

It Takes a Team The Sacred Heart RehabilitationTeam Members

Every individual admitted into our brain injury program is assigned a team of experienced rehabilitation professionals led by a physiatrist – a physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. This team is committed to achieving the best outcome for each patient and stays with them throughout their stay at Sacred Heart. Because rehabilitation for a brain injury can take weeks or months, the team members develop close relationships with the patient and family members. These relationships are important to the patient’s success and the family’s adjustment.

Acute Inpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program

Sacred Heart Rehabilitation GymThe overall goal of rehabilitation after a traumatic brain injury is to improve the patient’s ability to function at home and in society. Team members concentrate on improving thinking skills, behavior, motor skills, communication and general well-being. Close attention is also paid to helping the person relearn the skills needed to care for his or her routine activities – things like dressing, bathing, eating and brushing teeth. Recreational activities are also addressed.

Acute brain injury patients receive a minimum of three hours per day of physical, occupational, and speech therapy at least five days a week with additional therapy provided on weekends. Patients benefit from a team of nurses and therapists who are solely dedicated to the brain injury program and highly specialized in brain injury rehabilitation. An additional benefit of the brain injury unit is that patients and families can interact with others who are experiencing similar challenges and success.

Our program has earned specialized brain injury accreditation from the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). CARF is aSacred Heart Rehabilitation Institute is CARF Accredited private nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the quality, value and optimal outcomes of patient services. Its commitment is to enhance the lives of patients.

Outpatient Brain Injury Day Treatment Program

Our Outpatient Day Treatment Program is also accredited from CARF. The program helps patients with a brain injury or patients who have had a stroke return to their previous daily routine. Hospitals from all over southeastern Wisconsin refer patients with a brain injury to our Outpatient Day Treatment Program because of the unique comprehensive and all-day programming designed specifically to meet the outpatient needs of individuals recovering from a brain injury.

Day treatment includes:

  • Neuropsychology assessments and ongoing intervention and support
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Occupational, physical, speech and recreational therapy
  • Real-life learning opportunities in both the program and in the community
  • Social services to assist with transition from hospital to home
  • Transition to work, school and community
  • Driving evaluations



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