Psychosocial Aspects of Cancer Recovery

After cancer treatment, many women find that they struggle to find the “meaning” of their cancer experience and may not know how to move forward. Women may find that every doctor’s appointment or imaging exam stirs feelings of anxiety and uncertainty all over again. These are all very normal feelings.

The New Normal

Most women with breast cancer are able to discover their new normal as they start to feel better about the management of their health and feeling secure about themselves and their future. With this comes new confidence in talk to friends and family about the new normal. This is an important step as social support continues to be crucial.

In general, women with breast cancer tend to adjust well during their recovery phase as they start to feel better. It is important for women to remain connected to their treatment team even though cancer treatment has ended. Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s recommends getting reconnected with your primary care physician and to keep the lines of communication open at all times.

Support Services

Some women need more support than others during recovery. We recommend support groups, individual therapy, and mind/body practices such as meditation, mindfulness-based stress reduction, yoga, reiki, connecting with nature, or massage. All of these techniques help the body and mind relax within this time of change and uncertainty.

 Visit our Support Services page for more information.



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